to be in Allure never really shows up in my opinion, but I get the pepper, woods, and florals just fine. Complimentary samples, unique packaging and returns with every order. Celebrating his versaces, Chanels and what do I know in his first commissions, only to find that he's nothing special. Important here is also always the emphasis on mainstream because the word is already negative ala " Not bad for a mainstreamer, or one of the better mainstreamers." If nothing goes, it usually says "Typical mainstream scent, I've promised. Did not regret buying this one. Without being a real friend of aquatic fragrances, I can get excited about the aquatic touch that always resonates in the background. He allegedly tested about 79649 scents, of course only niche, prefers scents from a small Gallic village, whose druid conjured up his formula naked in the cauldron by moonlight and considers all his scents to be potions. The olfactory equivalent to elevator muzak continued in Allure Homme's middle segment of florals, represented by freesia, jasmine, geranium, rose, and a pink pepper that would later get recycled into Bleu de Chanel. However, such fragrances can also be found in both areas.


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